About Us

hpe-silver-partner-insigniaGravic, Inc. has continuously led the market in providing data replication and data integration software solutions since the release of the TMF-Auditor product, the first online replication product of its kind, in 1984. Today, Gravic continues to push the technological evolution of database replication solutions with its patented flagship Shadowbase line of transactional replication software products. Gravic strives to provide Total Replication Solutions to our customers by adding expert professional services and targeted partner products to a customer’s project when required.

Gravic, Inc. is a privately-held corporation located in Malvern, PA, about twenty miles west of Philadelphia, PA, USA. Gravic makes a number of computer software products for change data capture, and data collection, transformation and distribution uses. Customers of its Shadowbase data replication and data integration products include banks, financial and brokerage firms, insurance companies, stock exchanges, electric utilities, healthcare, and telecommunications companies.

Gravic offers no-cost 45-day evaluations for each of our software solutions for non-production evaluations. To discuss your evaluation plans, please contact our sales specialists using our contact form or call +1.610.647.6250.

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