Sizzling-Hot-Takeover (SZT) Availability for Island Bank


An island bank runs BASE24™ for point-of-sale (POS) and ATM services on HPE NonStop servers. The bank relied upon an untested active/passive business continuity solution for disaster recovery.


The bank needed to replace a legacy replication product, increase application availability, and provide a straightforward method for periodically testing the failover process. The bank also needed to perform a BASE24 application upgrade and an HPE NonStop hardware refresh with no application downtime.



Figure 1 — HPE Shadowbase Active/Almost-Active Business Continuity Architecture


  • Upgraded the BASE24 application and performed the hardware platform refresh with no application downtime
  • Created a fast and reliable failover capability with the ability to practice periodic, non-disruptive testing using the HPE Shadowbase SZT solution

HPE Shadowbase Products of Interest

  • HPE NonStop Shadowbase Basic Data Replication (SKU BE441AC)
  • HPE NonStop Shadowbase Advanced Data Replication (SKU BE442AL)
  • HPE NonStop Shadowbase Compare (SKU BE445AC)

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