Breaking the Availability Barrier
Written by Dr. Bill Highleyman, Paul J. Holenstein, and Dr. Bruce Holenstein


Free MP3 Audio: Breaking the Availability Barrier, Chapter 1 – The 9s Game


Book1Volume I — Survivable Systems for Enterprise Computing
Volume I describes the techniques that can be used today for extending the time between system failures from years to centuries, often at little or no additional cost.



book2Volume II — Achieving Century Uptimes with Active/Active Systems

Volume II extends the theoretical topics covered in Volume I and covers significant issues and technologies related to active/active architectures, including availability calculations, redundant reliable networks, distributed databases, total cost of ownership, and node failures.



book3Volume III — Active/Active Systems in Practice
Volume III is really a companion to Volume II and contains practical examples and case studies for actually building active/active systems based upon the principles covered in Volumes I and II.


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