Ensure Quality Assurance Through Operational Analytics


A major commodity provider delivers eight billion pounds of produce per year to customers from thousands of independent farms throughout the country. Major commodity producers are shifting towards precision agriculture, which takes the guesswork out of growing crops and facilitates integrated commodity pricing in the financial spot markets.


The system’s applications live in data silos, and the testing equipment can become uncalibrated without the agency’s knowledge. The provided feedback was stale by the time it reached growers and the pricing market.


  • Use HPE Shadowbase Data Integration for heterogeneous data silo integration and consolidation
  • Distribute commodity quality data in real-time so the produce can be fairly priced on the financial spot market

    Diagram of regional quality databases on running on NonStop Servers, with Shadowbase uni-directional sending the data through a heterogeneous replication stream from the NonStop Servers to a consolidated quality database on a Windows SQL Server

    Figure 1 — HPE Shadowbase Big Data Architecture


  • Distributed, consolidated quality data across heterogeneous systems for OLAP analysis
  • Increased commodity quality by immediately alarming users when testing parameters are not met

HPE Shadowbase Products of Interest

  • HPE NonStop Shadowbase DIAI Basic (SKU BE443AC)
  • HPE Other Server Shadowbase DIAI Basic (SKU WSA51V6T2)

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