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SB-TRS-for-Other-ServersFor over two decades, Gravic, Inc. has built low-latency, highly reliable data replication products for the demanding HPE NonStop (Tandem) marketplace. Many Fortune 500 companies worldwide trust their priceless data to HPE Shadowbase software for solving needs that range from business continuity to low-latency  heterogeneous data integration (fast data).

Gravic, Inc., a world leader in providing Total Replication Solutions extended its family of replication software by supporting replication from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server source databases on most UNIX, Linux, and Microsoft Windows platforms. All of the characteristics of reliability, availability, and scalability of the Shadowbase NonStop products are carried into the Other Source products as are the full-featured flexible capabilities like sophisticated data transformation and mapping and the GUI Shadowbase Enterprise Manager command, control, and monitoring module.

Replication is supported from Oracle and SQL Server source databases to Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, and HPE NonStop target databases.

The Shadowbase for Other Source replication products perform real-time change data capture from Oracle and SQL Server source databases using highly efficient C external routines in the Shadowbase Other Server Collector process. These changes are propagated to a Shadowbase Database of Change (DOC) that serves as a stable queue in the event the target is unavailable. Data from the DOC can be replicated to another system using a Transaction Forwarding Server (TFS) or directly to a database on the same system using a Transaction Replay Server (TRS). On a target UNIX or Windows system, the user has the option of applying changes directly to the target database or queuing changes and only applying committed transactions to the target.

Shadowbase Products Other Server Sources Example Configuration

Shadowbase Products — Other Server Sources Example Configuration

For a complete list of supported source and target databases supported by HPE Shadowbase, please see our Supported Databases and Platforms.

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