Prevent Fraudulent Activity for Online Banking


A European banking application running on HPE NonStop systems provides online account access to customers. Fraud occurs and is difficult to identify and prosecute – the intent to commit a crime is not sufficient, the crime must actually be attempted for prosecution. Fraudulent financial activity is increasing in the region, particularly in online banking.


This situation is costing the bank a lot of money. The bank has had limited success assisting authorities in prosecuting the fraud.



  • Use HPE Shadowbase Application Integration to integrate in real-time the HPE NonStop online banking activity with a Linux-based fraud-scoring application, to detect and prevent fraud before it occurs
  • Enable the prosecution of the crime by demonstrating actual attempted fraud


    Figure 1 — HPE Shadowbase Fraud Detection Architecture


  • Reduced costs from fraudulent activity
  • Crimes using the online application are easier to identify, prosecute, and have a higher conviction rate

HPE Shadowbase Products of Interest

  • HPE NonStop Shadowbase DIAI Basic (SKU BE443AC)
  • HPE NonStop Shadowbase DIAI Adv (SKU BE444AL)
  • HPE Other Server Shadowbase DIAI Basic SW (SKU WSA51V6T2)
  • HPE Other Server Shadowbase DIAI Adv SW (SKU WSA52V6T2)

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