2012 Spring Newsletter — Shadowbase Support Tips

Bill G Holenstein

William Holenstein
Senior Manager of Product Delivery

The support of our customers is of paramount importance here at Gravic Shadowbase. We track every customer incident from inception through resolution through a series of metrics. Part of the evaluation process is we quarterly send out a customer survey to any customer who has had an incident during the period. The survey is not required in order for us to close an incident; however it is an invaluable tool (when completed) in telling us how we are doing. The survey can be completed anonymously.

We used to send these follow up survey requests out more regularly, however were asked by the customer to reduce the frequency in which we send these incident follow up survey requests, due to the high volume of spam we are all receiving. At present we are averaging a less than 20% response to these surveys. And, often when we do, there is not enough specific information to warrant us gaining any meaningful insight as to how to improve the Shadowbase Delivery product support resolution process.

The survey consists of five basic questions. These questions are geared towards measuring our knowledge, how well we listen, the time to resolution, our courteousness, and our friendliness. One final question is asked regarding how well customers think we stack up against the industry with regards to the level of support we provide. We then provide a metric to the answers given to measure the overall satisfaction level of your experience. Several comment boxes are also included where customers may elaborate as to specifics regarding their support experience.

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