2012 Spring Newsletter — Shadowbase Development News

Binary NumbersDuring the first quarter of 2012, Shadowbase development and delivery were focused on Release 5.001 for both NonStop Shadowbase (NSB) and Shadowbase for Open Systems (SBOS). Release 5.001 started out as a small incremental release to Release 5.000, which was primarily our beta release of our new sql/mx version 3.1 source and target support. However, it eventually grew to a significant release with important new functionality and over 100 SCRs addressed as we were pressured to add new functions to satisfy new customer trials. Both the NonStop and Open System product lines were significantly improved by this release.

Some highlights include:

  • Shadowbase Undo allows for database restorationA new feature, Shadowbase UNDO, has been added to the NonStop release. Shadowbase UNDO allows changes to a file to be rolled back, leaving the file in its original state prior to the roll-back. This is a powerful utility that can reverse the specific changes made to a source file or table during a specific time period, avoiding the need for an application outage to restore the information should one of your applications run amok and modify your database in incorrect ways. It is also a useful tool for rolling back changes made during BC/DR testing.
  • SQL VIEWs are now supported by NonStop Shadowbase for defining the target table structure for replication out to Open Servers. This provides a convenient short-hand method for mapping source to target schema data, renaming columns, removing columns, adding literal defaults, and provides a powerful platform for extending this support to more complex mappings in the future.
  • Support for “well-known” column names. Data about the event being replicated, such as the time the modification occurred, the transaction it occurred under, and the time the event was processed by Shadowbase, can be embedded as columns in the replication stream by a NonStop Shadowbase source. This capability is important for clients that want to build audit or log tables containing information about what was modified and when.
  • Shadowbase for Open Systems now compiles and builds in 64 bit mode for all 64 bit operating systems and databases that we support. Please consider upgrading any 32-bit environments you may have over the coming year.
  • Shadowbase FetchSource processing. For NonStop TMF compressed audit events, this feature retrieves the missing parts of the audit trail event from the source row image.
  • Shadowbase performance improvements and dramatic cpu utilization reduction. Working with HP, we were able to isolate and resolve certain important HP ARLIB2 performance bugs (this issue alone makes upgrading worthwhile). We also improved the field and column handling in User Exit extensions. Contact Shadowbase Support for more information.

Looking forward, we are looking to enhance Open Server command and control, as well as status and lag monitoring, researching support for IBM mainframe replication and Teradata replication.

As always, please keep us abreast of your future technology direction, needs, and wants in the data replication and synchronization space so we can plan to meet them accordingly.

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