2012 Spring Newsletter — Gravic Employee Spotlight

School’s out.Gravic interns at Hershey's Chocolate World

Spring is certainly our most favorite time of year: the smell of fresh cut grass, the scent of nature’s bounty, and the observable evolution of summer. Lacrosse and baseball season is in full swing, 5K runs are back every weekend, and no one feels like working. Well, most everyone gets the bug in one form or another.

Spring at Gravic, Inc. marks an annual rite of passage. It commences the annual migration of interns to our corporate offices. Each year our operating staff balloons due to this regular influx of internships. A component of Gravic’s core ideology is “Improving society through innovation.” One method in which we give back to society is to provide these students with the opportunity to learn what it is like to work for a fast paced, leading edge, dynamic organization.

Of course the internship program is a two-sided relationship, a communalism where both parties benefit. On the one hand, the intern learns a marketable skill or hones a profession, perhaps learns a valuable life lesson and makes a decision to change his/her major or focus on another discipline of study when returning to school. On the other hand, the assets of the organization are improved as interns provide a plethora of services, as well as injecting an impressive amount of energy into the daily ‘grind’. These services may include employing a programmer to fill a niche or execute a stopgap action to join the scrum and meet a deadline. Or the intern might provide invaluable market analysis upon performing internet research of products or competitors.

Importantly, an internship provides the organization and the intern an opportunity to see whether or not the organization and the individual are made for one another. It is this sort of try and buy, if you will, whereby the ultimate result may lead to either a full-time position or a possible consulting relationship later on. Or it may lead to nothing at all, as we both decide that we have separate interests.

We are especially excited this spring, because the Shadowbase Products Delivery Group will be adding additional interns for six-month assignments to assist in the QA/QC functional area. QA/QC is an area in the organization where one can never expend enough resources, especially when one’s product runs on dozens of hardware platforms, database versions, and operating system revisions. There is no shortage of tasks that we can give these individuals, whereby they can cut their teeth and make their mark on the company and the industry.

What a time it is indeed. As a matter of fact, we might even be able to get in a run now that there is a new guy who is going to pick up the extra tasks that we never seem to get to. Now that is worth a smile.