2011 Spring Newsletter — Shadowbase Support Tips


William Holenstein
Senior Manager of Product Delivery

Product Support:

The New Version of Shadowbase for Open Server internalizes datatype conversions for DATE, TIME, and TIMESTAMP data types.

Effective in release 4.040N of Shadowbase for Open Server, and 4.092 of Shadowbase for NonStop, is support for the new target database format SQLSBV1. This new target database format type enhances all NonStop Open Server data feeds by removing limitations on NonStop SQL DATETIME precision. Formerly, Shadowbase only supported DATETIME year to fraction(6) conversions with precision to the second (the fractions part was removed). This support was the default because historically databases like Oracle only supported resolution to the second in their DATE datatype. Previously, the only way to support fractional precision was with USEREXIT processing.

With the use of the new SQLSBV1 setting, decimal precision is now supported to 6 decimal places, for example, when the target Open schema is SQLSRVR DATETIME2:

SQL/MP source schema


SQLSRVR schema

mydate DATETIME2

with the appropriate consumer parameter


and corresponding Open Server configuration value

Source database format [ORACLE]

Additionally, SQLSBV1 will use any defined NonStop dummy table column definition to format the data for the target column. For example, when replicating from a column defined as DATETIME YEAR TO FRACTION(6) to SQL Server, you can now define the dummy column to be DATETIME YEAR TO FRACTION(3) to match what the target column can hold, again avoiding the need for a user exit to do the truncation from 6 digits to 3.
Shadowbase Open Server supports receiving SQLSBV1 data from the NonStop in both Cached and Non-Cached forms. However, Shadowbase Open Server does not support replay of SQLSBV1 DOC data to all supported target databases. The following table describes target replay support for SQLSBV1 DOC data.

Target RDBMS
Oracle    No*
Microsoft SQL Server    Yes
Sybase ASE    Yes
MySQL    Yes
IBM DB2    Yes
HP NonStop SQL/MP    Yes

*Support for SQLSBV1 to an Oracle target is under consideration at this time. Check with Shadowbase Support for availability of this enhancement for Oracle targets.

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