2011 Fall Newsletter — Shadowbase Support Tips

Product Support:

Bill G Holenstein

William Holenstein
Senior Manager of Product Delivery

Delivery recently completed QA on a new maintenance release for Shadowbase NonStop, version 4.092. Some of the features available with this release include:

  • DNS support for hostname values for the consumer NETADDRESS parameter.
  • Consumer parameter NETSWITCHONERROR: when set to ON, the consumer attempts to reconnect on the BACKUP process/address/port in the event of a consumer failure. This ALTERable parameter may be configured at any time.
  • The limitation in which the database specification (DBS) SOURCEFILE must exist at startup was lifted when the parameter DBS ALLPARTITIONS ON is enabled. This new capability permits users to generate sourcefiles and their subsequent partitions after replication is started and pick up a new replication for this file/table entity without restarting Shadowbase.
  • The PULSE utility was enhanced to permit the NOW (!) option thereby sending a PULSE message from collector to consumer exclusive to the current audit trail point. Prior to this option, a PULSE message was inserted at the current EOF of the audit trail.
  • The AUD CONFIRMSHUTDOWN parameter was added to prompt the user ‘Are you sure?’ when a SHUTDOWN command is entered at the AUDCOM prompt.
  • The SBUNIDIR configuration generation macro was enhanced to support QMGR processing.
  • The SBUNIDIR configuration generation macro was enhanced with the SB_SOURCE/TARGET_CONFIG_PREFIX parameter. Previous versions of SBUNIDIR generated configuration files all with the SR and TG prefixes (for source and target configuration files), which could become confusing when using multiple Shadowbase configuration environments.
  • The CONS parameter FASTSTART default value was changed to ON, enabling replication environments to start up much faster when in the restart mode.
    AUD HISTORYRATE default was changed to 0 (seconds; i.e., OFF). Previously history monitoring occurred every hour by default; the new default is 0 which should provide a minimal improvement in performance.
  • SOLV configuration scripts are now generated for every DBS in a SBUNIDIR/SBBIDIR configuration generation exercise.
  • The AUDCOM INFO command now displays the version ID for all Shadowbase objects.
  • The ESTATS audcom command was added to provide DBS level statistics.

Note that the Shadowbase NonStop version 5.000 is in development at this time. Click here for more information.

Delivery is testing early releases of our first C++ based Shadowbase Open Server release (Shadowbase Open Server version 5.000). We expect this to be generally available in Q1. This release includes the following features:

  • A port of the entire Shadowbase Open Server technology into the HP NonStop OSS environment, including target support for SQL/MX version 3.0, meaning that on-platform SQL/MX version 3.0 native table support is now available for both Direct Writers as well as the DOC/TRS replay engine and TFS forwarding engine.’
  • Simplified Oracle version definition and configuration. Shadowbase now uses the Oracle Instant Client approach to avoid needing to specify the particular Oracle version to be used.
  • User Exits now are implemented via DLL’s avoiding the need to bind/link the user exits into the Shadowbase processes any longer.
  • Added additional User Exit API’s (including USRXSTOP(), USRXSTART(), SBGETENV(), etc.)
  • Additional TIMESTAMP and DATETIME support, plus mapping, between platforms/databases.
  • Support for Sybase ASE 15.5.
  • Additional performance improvements in statement caching (and statistics reporting).

There are additionally many more usability features included in this release, please reference the SOFTDOCS for a complete list of enhancements.

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