2011 Fall Newsletter — Shadowbase Marketing Highlights

Shadowbase Sales & Marketing

Dick Davis

Dick Davis Manager of Shadowbase Sales

We were pleased to attend the recent VNUG Conference in Sweden. This event is one of the best organized and most productive shows we attend and we appreciate the efforts expended by the VNUG board as well as the attendees. We were especially pleased and impressed that all of the local countries attended this tenth anniversary conference: Norway, Denmark, Finland, and of course the host country Sweden. We did uncover several prospects and look forward to attending again next year.

In addition to VNUG we attended the InNUG NonStop Open World (NOW) in India where Bill Holenstein was a presenter and we made many new contacts within the user and HP community. We continue to search for local representation in this area and this conference opened some new opportunities.

We are busy preparing for Q4 shows and customer visits, including ACE Asia Pacific (Singapore), CTUG (Canada), NeNUG (North East), BITUG (UK), and the GE Centricity technical show (CTC) in San Diego in January.

We published new white papers in the “Shadowbase for ___” series, the latest being “Shadowbase Streams for Application Integration” and “Shadowbase for the Converged Infrastructure.” For downloads of these white papers, please visit: ShadowbaseSoftware.com/whitepapers. We also completed a new case study about an island bank located on the Pacific Rim Ring of Fire that is leaving active/passive heading towards active/active after losing its data center for several hours during an earthquake. For a download of this case study, please visit: ShadowbaseSoftware.com/case-studies.

The Sales pipeline is growing dramatically as we see more and more interest from Oracle/GoldenGate users, both for availability replacements as well as our powerful Shadowbase Open Server technology. Additionally, we see strong interest as companies move from active/passive (non-Shadowbase) implementations towards active/active architectures.