2011 Fall Newsletter — Shadowbase Development News

Sshadowbase-nonstop-developmenthadowbase Development:

Shadowbase Development has been heads-down busy working on meeting the requirements of several (rather demanding) potential NonStop customers. Key enhancements coming from this effort include:

  • SQL/MX version 3.0 support as a source as well as a target, including large rows, large keys, large precision numbers, etc.
  • A new version of the Shadowbase Collector based on C++ (ported from C). This effort helps lay the framework for future key Shadowbase enhancements including eventual synchronous data replication for the NonStop platform.
  • A port of the entire Shadowbase Open Server environment into the NonStop OSS environment, including a large set of additional replication architecture capabilities, such as a native Shadowbase SQL/MX 3.0 engine as an on-platform target, DOC/TRS processing on the NonStop, etc.

At this time, many of the SQL/MX 3.0 enhancements are in testing/QA (Shadowbase version 5.000).  We will be releasing beta versions to key testing partners throughout the fall with a general release expected in Q1.

Development is also busy on a number of new products/enhancements:

  • Shadowbase FixIT! (name subject to change), a new product for “undoing” changes made to a source file or table. This utility is useful for a variety of reasons, including undoing the changes that a buggy program has made, undoing the changes when an incorrect extract file is loaded, and/or rolling a database back to a particular point in time (for example, after testing).
  • Shadowbase File Chaser (name subject to change) is a new feature for having Shadowbase read (chase) a sequential log file (or set of files) and injecting the records or rows read from them into the replication engine. This feature is particularly useful for message switch environments that maintain a series of application log files that record the business transactions (e.g., ATM/POS or credit or debit events for financial institutions, call data records for telcos, etc.). With this enhancement, Shadowbase can “chase” the events the application writes into these log files, injecting the events into the replication stream so they can be applied into target environments. This enhancement works very well for non-audited source data files and tables as you can avoid the costly overhead of using an intercept library in all your applications to capture the individual non-audited database changes.

Since our previous newsletter, we also released SOLV V&V for Enscribe to Enscribe replication (“database compare” technology). SOLV V&V is the patented Shadowbase technology that compares the target to the source while either or both are active, and reports on any discrepancies encountered. This utility is useful for validating your replication configuration, satisfying auditing or regulation requirements, and for attaining that peace-of-mind that all is well in your replication world. For future releases, Gravic is committed to expanding the types of source/target comparisons, including heterogeneous environments. Please let us know your specific needs in this area.

As always, please keep us abreast of your future technology direction, needs, and wants in the data replication and synchronization space so we can plan to meet them accordingly.

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