2011 Fall Newsletter — Gravic Employee Spotlight

Chris Capitolo

Chris Capitolo Shadowbase Delivery Programmer

Chris Capitolo started at Gravic as an intern in the summer of 2007, working in the Shadowbase Open Server Development group on the Shadowbase Enterprise Manager GUI. On subsequent college breaks, he continued working as an intern at Gravic, taking stints in the Remark QA and Shadowbase Delivery organizations. He graduated from Grove City College in 2009 with a BS in Computer Science and minors in Math and Theatre. He was then hired full-time into the Shadowbase organization as a Shadowbase Delivery QA Specialist, and was subsequently promoted to a Shadowbase Delivery Programmer in 2011.

As a Delivery Programmer, Chris builds product releases, performs alpha and beta release testing, designs and implements data drivers for QA automation, writes and maintains test plans, performs level 1 and 2 phone and email support, and is part of the 24×7 support rotation. He is responsible for most custom programming that needs implemented for specific customers, typically via custom user exits. Most recently, he was heavily involved in an effort to replicate Enscribe QUEUE files for Lehigh Valley Hospital, which was successfully deployed this past September.

Chris says, “We keep our heads down and power through when we need to, but we also enjoy each other’s company very much, which makes work very enjoyable. I also appreciate the flexibility this job allows me. I am allowed to adapt to whatever my current task requires of me if necessary, without anyone holding me back.”

When not cranking out customer modules, Chris acts in a local community theatre, which takes up much of his spare time. He also enjoys playing violin, viola, guitar and piano; cooking; watching movies and the Phillies; taking road trips; and spending time at the beach. His parents and siblings all live nearby, so he visits them fairly often, including the newest addition, his 10-month-old niece Rosie. Chris plans to begin taking classes towards his MBA in the coming year.