2018 Q2

June 12-13, 2018 — Shadowbase Team Presents at LATUG Meeting

Paden Holenstein awarding Rodrigo Soto of BCI Shadowbase prize Paul and Paden Holenstein with HPE at Latin America SummitGravic attended the first Latin American NonStop Users Group Meeting (LATUG) at the Renaissance Hotel in picturesque Santiago, Chile. At the welcome cocktail reception, Paul and Paden Holenstein enjoyed watching a performance of the country's national "Cueca" dance while sampling local wine and cheese. They discussed regional opportunities with Alfredo Villarroel, Fabian Manfredi, and Lars Plum from HPE, among others. At the show, they listened to vendor presentations showcasing new solutions and a use case on blockchain. Plum demonstrated significantly scaling-up a Virtualized NonStop server's processing power in under a minute. The Holensteins presented HPE Shadowbase use case solutions and product updates. That evening, the group shuttled to a local restaurant for a concluding reception. Alfredo Villarroel speaking during the LATUG 2018 NonStop summitCongratulations to Rodrigo Santiago with Andes mountains in the backgroundSoto from Banco de Credito e Inversiones for winning our Beats earphones!

June 7, 2018 — Shadowbase Team Presents at N2TUG Tradeshow

N2TUGJimmy Treybig awarded "TNSII" California license plateGravic attended the N2TUG tradeshow at the Hilton Dallas in Plano, Texas.  Paul and Paden Holenstein luckily caught the last two seats on a flight to Dallas Fort Worth, after their original flight was delayed. They were welcomed by Bill Honaker, Diane Funkhouser, and others at a casual evening reception before meeting with regional HPE NonStop users the following day. They listened to interesting talks on blockchain, vendor presentations, and NonStop legend Jimmy Treybig on The Future of Enterprise Markets. Paden presented, HPE Shadowbase Use Case Solutions & Product Update, describing how HPE Shadowbase is used in several solutions. After the show, attendees socialized at a Paden Holenstein awarding Anthony Bennett from JCPenney Shadowbase headphones prizecocktail reception, where Jimmy Treybig was presented a commemorativePhotograph of a sunset in Texas from an airplane window California license plate, "TNSII" to represent all of his hard work and effort on the Tandem NonStop II, a revolutionary enterprise hardware design. Congratulations to Anthony Bennett from JCPenney for winning our Beats earphones prize!

May 21 and 23, 2018 — Gravic Presents at NENUG and NYTUG

Hewlett Packard Enterprise sign on silver background John Vollers presenting on SQL MP and SQL MXGravic recently attended and presented at the NENUG meeting in Andover, Massachusetts, and the NYTUG meeting in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. We want to thank John Vollers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Gabrielle Guerrera and Mandi Nulph of NuWave Technologies for their hard work in organizing both events. We particularly enjoyed John's presentation “NonStop SQL Product Update,” where he gave an overview of the new features in NonStop SQL 3.6 available on NonStop X. At NYTUG, Paden Holenstein of Shadowbase Marketing, presented, “HPE Shadowbase Use Case Solutions & Product Update,” which described new HPE Shadowbase features and how it works in several use cases for these solution categories:

If you are interested in discussing our presentation’s content or would like us to present this or other HPE Shadowbase topics to your staff, please contact us.

May 21, 2018 — Gravic Publishes New HPE Shadowbase Article on the Better Backup Method

Stock photo of old backup methods: VHS, floppy disks, cassette tapes, vinyl records, a CD driveGravic recently published the article, The Better Backup Method. This article discusses strategies for improving database recovery times after catastrophic failure for companies that use the “tried-and-true” backup and restore approach for data recovery. This method focuses on reducing the amount of data that needs to be backed up, stored, and subsequently retrieved for restoring transactional mission-critical databases to a current, consistent, and complete state in order to continue processing. It also focuses on the so-called online backup problem (where the database is open for processing while the backup occurs), and uses several techniques to reduce the amount of data that must be stored while the backup is taking place as well as for the subsequent changes to the data after the backup completes. Since there is a growing need for an economic and efficient way to back up very large-scale databases, many companies are returning to physical tape to fill this need. The better backup method significantly and efficiently uses backup media and backup/restore processing to improve current techniques.

May 14-17, 2018 — Gravic Presents at Connect Germany and European NonStop HotSpot — Conference & Exhibition

Paul Holenstein presents at Connect Germany and European NonStop HotSpotGravic enjoyed the vibrant city of Leipzig for this Connect Germany and GTUG event and greatly appreciated the warm welcome that the GTUG board and HPE provided us as well as the other vendors and users. It is always exciting to learn about what is happening in HPE and the region, and to discuss how our solutions can help our collective customers. Paul J. Holenstein, Gravic Executive Vice President, presented: New HPE Shadowbase Success Stories (including Business Continuity, Data Integration, Zero Downtime Migrations). He described numerous HPE Shadowbase success stories in several solution categories.  These and other HPE Shadowbase use cases are available on our web site at Rick Stather, Sr. System Manager and Team Lead for Scandinavia at TCM Solutions, presented: Shadowbase Tricks: A ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Guide to Replication/Recovery. This presentation guided viewers through the HPE Shadowbase tools, SOLV and Compare, and how they were used in a real life data recovery scenario. Paul also presented: New HPE Shadowbase Features that Solve Customers' Challenges (including Zero Data Loss, DB2 as a source, transforming Enscribe data to industry standard DBs). He reviewed the recently released HPE Shadowbase features that are helping our customers solve their business challenges including:

  • Synchronous data replication that will deliver zero data loss during a business continuity event
  • Further improvements that simplify migrating from HPE RDF or Oracle GoldenGate to HPE Shadowbase
  • DB2 as a source for HPE Shadowbase replication
  • Enscribe to SQL replication enhancements
  • Additional BASE24™ feature support
  • Other new features and future product direction
Please contact us for more details on these and other recent enhancements. Gravic co-sponsored the Porsche factory excursion on 17 May. Attendees visited the Porsche manufacturing plant – a NonStop user – in Leipzig. Participants took a guided tour through the production lines where the cars are made to perfection, and then rode with drivers in a Panamera or a comparable Porsche on a speedy racetrack. All attendees greatly enjoyed this event! Congratulations to Lars Andro from Ingenico (Germany) for winning our Visa gift card prize! HPE and Gravic, Inc. are strategic partners and offer Shadowbase sales and support globally, directly through the HPE organization. HPE licenses, services, and supports our leading-edge Shadowbase Product Suite for HPE NonStop and other servers.

May 1, 2018 — Gravic Wins Gold Stevie Award® for Best New Product at the 2018 American Business Awards®!

Graphic award depicting "2018 Stevie Gold Winner, American Business Awards" Logo of "The Stevies" - The American Business AwardsGravic’s HPE Shadowbase data replication product won the Gold Stevie Award in the category for Best New Product or Service of the Year – Software – Healthcare Technology Solution at the 16th Annual American Business Awards  (ABA). The ABAs are the United States’ premier business awards program, and all organizations with U.S. operations are eligible to submit nominations. This year, more than 3,700 submitted nominations in virtually every industry were under consideration in a wide range of categories. Over 200 professionals worldwide participated in the judging process to select the winners. Details regarding the ABAs and the list of winners are available at Nicknamed the Stevies for the Greek word, “crowned,” the awards will be presented to the winners at a gala ceremony at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York on Monday, June 11. The award-winning submission involves HPE Shadowbase data replication software that provides real-time replication from an HPE NonStop-based prescription claims processing system to feed a new environment for fraud decision support. As a result of the project, HPE Shadowbase software enables each agency to perform independent maintenance, analytics, and other necessary healthcare solution functions on individual schedules. This architecture improves the solution’s availability to eliminate failover fault risk and dramatically improve recovery time if a failure occurs at any point. The updated solution now assures the agency’s important healthcare data is fault tolerant, encrypted, reduces overall reimbursement cost, and enables law enforcement to monitor and investigate fraudulent claims activity. For more information regarding this submission, please read Prescription Drug Fraud Prevention – An HPE Shadowbase Data Integration Case Study.

April 30-May 4, 2018 — Gravic Visits Hewlett Packard Enterprise NonStop Teams in Southeast Asia

Paul Holenstein of Gravic, Inc. eating dinner with Loreen Teo of Legato Solutions & ServicesPicture of golden statueAs part of a group of regional partner meetings, Paul Holenstein, Gravic EVP, traveled to Singapore to visit Loreen Teo of Legato Solutions & Services. Paul and Loreen enjoyed crabs over dinner and discussed the Shadowbase presence in the region. Paul also met with HPE NonStop sales and technical teams in Singapore, as well as Bangkok and Jakarta, to discuss HPE Shadowbase customer use cases, product updates, market opportunities, regional sales, and other relevant topics. Paul also found time to enjoy several Southeast Asian attractions.Picture of Bangkok skyline

2018 Q1

March 29, 2018 — Gravic Publishes New Article on Benefits of Scale-Out Architectures

Stock photo of abstract red cube connected to green, blue, purple, and gold cubes and some smaller cubes next to each colored cubeGravic recently published the article, Scale-up is Dead, Long Live Scale-out! Keeping up with user demand is a significant challenge for IT departments. The traditional scale-up approach suffers from significant limitations and cost issues that prevent it from satisfying the ever-increasing workloads of a 24x7 online society. The use of massively parallel processing and scale-out architectures is the solution, since they can readily and non-disruptively apply additional compute resources to meet any demand, at a much lower cost, and with improved service availability. The use of a data replication engine, such as HPE Shadowbase, to share and maintain consistent data between multiple systems enables scale-out application and workload distributions across multiple compute nodes, which provides the necessary scalability and availability to meet the highest levels of user demand now and into the future.

March 11-13, 2018 — HPE Shadowbase Presents at HPE APAC Mission Critical Boot Camp

HPE stock photo of a man conversing with a woman in a server roomThe HPE Sales and Presales teams enjoyed our presentation, HPE Shadowbase Use Case Solutions & Product Update, at the HPE APAC MC Boot Camp in Macau. The teams also learned more about the best practices for selling Shadowbase solutions, which are available in the HPE price book. ‎Later, these teams were joined by over 1,200 technical support (TSS) employees from the greater region, who began a week of technical training on product and industry updates. We look forward to participating in the APAC Partner Technical Update in May.

March 2, 2018 — HPE Shadowbase Presents at SunTUG Sunshine Summit

Photo of Paul Holenstein drawing prize at SunTUGPhoto of Paul Holenstein speaking at SunTUG PTU dinner At the SunTUG Sunshine Summit in Tampa, attendees enjoyed our presentation, HPE Shadowbase Use Case Solutions & Product Update, which reviewed new and future HPE Shadowbase product features, including support for DB2 as a source; Enscribe to SQL replication enhancements; further improvements that simplify migrating from RDF or OGG to HPE Shadowbase; and additional BASE24 feature support.Photo of Paul Holenstein awarding Jesse Gallo from Raymond James the Shadowbase Beats headphones prize We also described how HPE Shadowbase works in several use cases for these solution categories:

If you are interested in discussing our presentation’s content or would like us to present this or other HPE Shadowbase topics to your staff, please contact us. Congratulations to Jesse Gallo from Raymond James for winning our Beats headphones prize!

February 13, 2018 — Gravic Publishes New Use Case Website Pages

HPE Stock photo of hand swiping credit cardGravic published a new Use Case section on its Publication website pages featuring the most popular enterprise HPE Shadowbase use cases in the following categories: business continuitydata integration, application integration, zero downtime migration, zero data loss, big data, and asymmetric capacity expansion. HPE Shadowbase use cases solve data replication and integration problems for various financial, industrial, healthcare, and telecommunication enterprises, for a variety of environments, including HPE NonStop, Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms, running Enscribe, NonStop SQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, DB2, and other databases. HPE Shadowbase is sold and supported by HPE. Please contact us for additional information.

February 1, 2018 — Gravic Publishes Business Continuity Article on Protecting Your Vital Applications

Stock photo of business person drawing numerous graphs and formulas on a clear boardGravic recently published the article, Protecting Your Vital Applications written for The Connection (January/February issue) by Mark Pollans, HPE Sr. Worldwide Product Manager. This article is based on the excellent and informative presentation that Mr. Pollans gave at the 2017 Connect Technical Boot Camp on how to design and build advanced business continuity (BC) architectures, a rather important topic to Gravic. It is not a question of IF a disaster will occur; it is a matter of WHEN. A thoroughly planned and tested BC strategy helps assure companies that their applications can survive a disaster. BC is about minimizing or completely mitigating the impact of a catastrophe on business applications. A business impact analysis and overall BC strategies should be reviewed at least every two years to confirm that applications meet mission-critical or business-critical requirements. What was not mission-critical yesterday could be mission-critical today. This article also discusses the Critical Application Continuum, recovery time/point objectives (RTO/RPO), costs and durations of outages, and three fundamental data replication architectures: active/passive (classic disaster recovery), active/almost active (sizzling-hot-takeover), and active/active (continuous availability). HPE Shadowbase solutions are instrumental in assisting customers in deploying and leveraging these advanced BC architectures.

January 22, 2018 — Gravic Publishes New HPE Shadowbase White Paper on Switching Replication Engines with Zero Downtime and Less Risk

Stock photo of two switches, one is switched "on" and the other is "off"Gravic recently published the white paper, Switching Replication Engines with Zero Downtime and Less Risk. Switching replication engines with zero downtime is a topic with immense complexity. In this paper, we discuss how a data replication engine can be changed or upgraded without taking either the application or the database offline. There are numerous methods to thwart common problems faced during a migration: Version Independence (which avoids interoperating different software versions); the challenges when utilizing two nodes; utilizing three nodes (for partial hardware migrations); utilizing four nodes (for a full hardware refresh); and bi-directional environment (that keeps all nodes synchronized as the migration takes place). Additionally, the so-called jagged edge problem must be resolved, which occurs when performing any replication engine migration. HPE Shadowbase software offers several methods to solve these problems, including HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration, which can upgrade applications, database schema formats, file and table locations or indices, operating systems, and can refresh hardware. Properly undertaken, a data replication engine migration imposes no downtime on applications or users, and the databases all remain accessible, consistent, complete, and up-to-date during the process.

2017 Q4

December 1, 2017 — Gravic Publishes New Technical Article on Swapping Replication Engines with Zero Downtime

Stock photo of screen displaying "News"Gravic recently published a technical article, Swapping Replication Engines with Zero Downtime. Sometimes it is necessary to change or update a data replication engine. A zero downtime migration will impose no downtime on either applications or users. The migration can take place during normal working hours and occur over an extended time, while the backup database is always available and fully synchronized with the production database. Therefore, application availability is ensured during the migration process. This migration technique is similar to HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) that customers have been using for decades to upgrade their applications, database schema formats, file and table locations (or indices), operating systems, or perform a hardware refresh. In this article, we describe how a data replication engine can be changed without taking down either applications or the backup database.

November 12-15, 2017 — HPE Shadowbase Presents at the Connect HPE NonStop Technical Boot Camp

Photo of Paul and Denise Holenstein with Joroen WallaardPhoto of Paul and Bruce Holenstein at booth with other attendeesGravic personnel greatly enjoyed the 2017 Connect HPE NonStop TBC held at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel. We shared ideas regarding how the HPE Shadowbase product suite can provide solutions to users' most pressing business issues for business continuity, data integration and synchronization, and application integration purposes. We thank Connect and the HPE staff for hosting a terrific gathering. We delivered several presentations, one with Mark Pollans of HPE, one on synchronous bi-directional replication and DB2 source, one on a data integration case study, and one on mission-critical systems with Dr. Highleyman:

  • HPE Business Continuity Product Portfolio Update, Mark Pollans, Paul J. Holenstein, Keith B. Evans
  • Prescription Drug Fraud Prevention – An HPE Shadowbase Data Integration Case Study, William G. Holenstein
  • Delivering Business Continuity for Vital Applications – Best Practices, Mark Pollans
  • HPE Shadowbase ZDL Synchronous Bi-directional Replication and DB2 Source, Paul J. Holenstein, Keith B. Evans
  • RAS – The Pillars of Mission-Critical Systems, Dr. Bill Highleyman, Dr. Bruce D. Holenstein, Paul J. Holenstein
  • HPE-J/Japan Session – Gravic and NuWave Technologies, Paul J. Holenstein, Andrew Price
Photo of Bill Holenstein awarding An-Chu Cheng of National Credit Card Center in Taiwan the Shadowbase Google Home prizePhoto of Paul and Bill Holenstein with James Chumlee If you are interested in discussing our presentations’ content or would like us to present these or other HPE Shadowbase topics to your staff, please contact us. Congratulations to An-Chu Cheng of National Credit Card Center in Taiwan for winning our Google Home prize!

October 11 and 13, 2017 — HPE Shadowbase Presents at CTUG and MATUG

Photo of Paul Holenstein talking to MATUG attendees about synchronous replicationPhoto of CTUG show in actionWe recently attended and presented on HPE Shadowbase synchronous replication at CTUG (Toronto) and MATUG (Baltimore). We reminded the audience that since HPE NonStop RDF is now approaching mature status, HPE Shadowbase is HPE's go-forward data replication solution. We are grateful to the team that managed the CTUG show, and John Vollers and Peter Schvarcz for helping us plan and manage the MATUG show. Additionally, we thank all of the show participants including customers, vendors, consultants, and HPE executives and technical staff for supporting these wonderful events. Congratulations to Vladislav Sokol from Ministry of Health and Vimal Brahmbhatt from JP Morgan Chase for winning our Google Home prizes at CTUG and MATUG respectively.     Photo of Paul Denzinger and Keith Moore presenting blockchain Photo of 2017 MATUG meeting space

October 11, 2017 — HPE Shadowbase Software Improves Support for DB2 as a Source

IBM DB2 logo on an HPE stock photo of a man looking at servers in a server roomGravic recently dramatically improved the support of HPE Shadowbase for DB2 as a source in data replication environments. With this new release, HPE Shadowbase software makes it easy and cost effective to integrate your DB2 databases into the rest of your data processing environments. HPE Shadowbase data replication can now replicate from DB2 on any IBM platform/environment to any of the supported HPE Shadowbase targets, including HPE NonStop, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, and Sybase. This release also includes replicating DB2 data into non-traditional non-database targets, such as replicating DB2 change data into MQ series, JMS, fraud detection systems, flat-files, real-time business intelligence solutions, and other messaging targets. This latest build includes DB2 databases resident on z/OS IBM mainframe environments, as well as DB2 on AIX, Linux, Windows, etc. Contact your local HPE account team or for more information.

2017 Q3

September 20, 2017 — HPE Shadowbase Presents at ATUG

ATUG show logo (Atlanta HPE NonStop User Group)Photo of Paul Holenstein showcasing Shadowbase table at ATUG We attended the ATUG meeting in Atlanta at the Home Depot headquarters, and thank Dale Van Stratten for coordinating the event and Home Depot for allowing us to use its facility. Paul Holenstein presented on our new product, Shadowbase Zero Data Loss (ZDL). Shadowbase ZDL delivers zero data loss and preserves your mission-critical data to eliminate the effects from disasters.  Synchronous data replication products do not lose data when a failure occurs. You may want to consider replacing your asynchronous data replication, or else you could corrupt your information during a fail over.  Paul also mentioned that since HPE NonStop RDF is now approaching mature status, HPE Shadowbase is HPE's go-forward data replication solution. Photo of Richard Bernard of Comcast being awarded the Shadowbase Google Home prizeWe are excited and proud to bring Shadowbase ZDL to market, which includes the implementation of many novel and patented techniques. Please contact your HPE account team or contact us if you could benefit from this technology, or are interested in learning more about how Shadowbase replication can replace your RDF implementation. Congratulations to Richard Bernard of Comcast, who won our Google Home prize!

September 15, 2017 — Gravic Publishes HPE Shadowbase Data Integration Case Study on Prescription Drug Fraud Prevention

Stock photo of doctor holding pills in one hand while typing on a laptop with the otherGravic recently published Prescription Drug Fraud Prevention – An HPE Shadowbase Data Integration Case Study. Prescription drug claims fraud is big business, costing billions of dollars. To help a country’s government healthcare agency stem the losses, a centralized claims fraud adjudication and prevention decision support system was implemented. The agency chose HPE Shadowbase data replication software to provide real-time replication from an HPE NonStop claims processing system to feed the new decision support environment. Shadowbase SOLV enabled the new system to load with no application downtime. This case study provides an excellent example of how new services can be rapidly implemented by using HPE Shadowbase Data and Application Integration facilities.

August 30, 2017 — Gravic Publishes White Paper on Shadowbase Synchronous Replication — Product Overview

Stock photo of an iceberg reflected on waterGravic recently published a white paper, Shadowbase Synchronous Replication — Product Overview. Shadowbase synchronous replication (Shadowbase Zero Data Loss, or Shadowbase ZDL) resolves two key issues of asynchronous replication: data loss on source system failure and data collisions when running an active/active environment. By eliminating data loss and effectively setting the Recovery Point Objective, or RPO, to zero, Shadowbase ZDL protects your valuable data from having to be recreated after catastrophic failure. This product removes the risk of loss and uncertainty of the status of your data after a failover/takeover. In a future release, by eliminating data collisions, Shadowbase ZDL also allows active/active solutions for applications previously prohibited from running in a continuous availability architecture. There is no need for application/data partitioning or data collision detection and resolution. Removing this need also allows for optimal load-balancing across systems using a “route request anywhere” architecture, resulting in better system capacity utilization. By removing these restrictions, the minimum possible outage and zero data loss for the widest possible range of applications is now a reality. Shadowbase ZDL provides unique differentiating product capabilities for the HPE NonStop market, and is the only choice for business critical applications where even milliseconds of lost data or downtime is unacceptable.

August 21, 2017 — "Stop Data Loss!" with Shadowbase Zero Data Loss

Shadowbase Zero Data Loss advertisementOne of the most significant expenses of downtime is data loss, which can cost a company millions of dollars - plus loss of customer confidence, negative publicity, regulatory violations, and even threats to human health and safety. With Shadowbase Zero Data Loss (ZDL), all of these concerns are avoided. Your data is always safe, saving you from the impacts of data loss. Shadowbase ZDL uses unique and patented synchronous replication technology, ensuring that all database changes made on a source system successfully replicate to a target (backup) system. To learn more, please visit our web page.

August 4, 2017 — Gravic Publishes New Technical Article, Achieving Scalability for Mission-Critical Systems in the Cloud

Stock photo of clouds on beautiful blue skyGravic publishes new technical article, Achieving Scalability for Mission-Critical Systems in the Cloud. The third pillar of mission-critical systems is scalability; reliability and availability are the other two, creating the acronym RAS. Applications often require additional capacity during critical times. Scalability is an inherent and important attribute of mission-critical systems, since both the servers and the database must be scalable. Active/active systems can provide scalability to servers as well as to the database. However, adding physical servers and disk systems to achieve greater capacity is typically not feasible, especially for temporary additional capacity needs. Scalability can be achieved via the use of active-active systems and Pathway Domains that span multiple HPE NonStop systems. It can also be achieved by bursting applications to RAIC servers (inexpensive commodity hardware) deployed in one or more clouds, where it can be reused between applications, providing an economic cloud platform for scalability-on-demand. For NonStop users, maximizing the RAS for mission-critical systems can now be accomplished by leveraging the new Virtualized NonStop technology.

July, 2017 — High Availability Systems (HAS), Shadowbase reseller in Japan, Visits Gravic Home Office

HAS logo - High Availability SystemsWe enjoyed meeting with Yuji Saeki, Yoshiro Suyama, and Daisuke Horiuchi of High Availability Systems (HAS), the Shadowbase reseller in Japan. HAS explained its future business strategies and what has changed since its recent structure reorganization. Gravic presented on Shadowbase product updates, a zero data loss case study, IBM DB2 as a source, and virtualized NonStop. During the visit the HAS visitors enjoyed a Phillies game and a dinner of Philly cheese steaks, hot dogs, French fries, and beer.   Shadowbase team with HAS visitors